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Zeb Corvin Performance Horses exhibits horses throughout the country. If you are interested in our showing services, contact us by email or give us a call. We are happy to show your best athletes.

Show Charges

Show charges include stall fees, ground fees, office fees, any required vet fees, judge fees, class fees and other charges from the show office. Show offices submit an invoice after the show. The invoice shows a breakdown of the charges. We may request that these fees be paid in advance of the show.

Earnings Won

Earnings won will be split 50/50 between the owner of the horse and the exhibitor in the class or competition. For weekend shows, the earnings are split 60/40; 60% to the owner and 40% to the exhibitor.

Meals while on road

If showing multiple horses, food expenses will be split between the number of owners. For example food for one day costs $40. If I am showing horses for 3 customers, each owner would pay $13.33 of the daily food bill. If I am only showing one customer’s horse, they would be responsible for the full amount.

Daily Fee while showing and traveling is $50 per day.

Hotel Fees to be split by the number of owners Zeb hauls for, shows for or helps at the shows, clinics, pre-works and events.

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